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TOP-5 Portable Cordless Hair Straighteners
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If you like to travel, and often go on business or leave for vacation, you are aware of all the problems a woman face when she is trying to look her best on the road or far away from home. If you decide to take along all your cosmetics, it is likely that there will no longer be any place for other stuff.

Let alone the hair straightener. You may go to the beach to swim or sunbathe in the morning with no regard for what your hair looks like, but in the evening you want to look attractive because you are going to have a date in a restaurant.

What`s to be done? We all know that most straighteners are bulky and heavy. There is a solution! Take a look at our list of 5 portable cordless flat irons and choose the one you need.

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DEOGRA Battery Operated Hair Straighteners

These cordless flat irons for hair straightening is the newest development of the company DEOGRA. And they differ very much from usual straighteners such as CHI flat irons. Its unique technology provides the ultra-rapid heating of the plates to 200°C, which takes about 15 seconds.

The high-quality Korean SAMSUNG batteries have a short charging time (only 2 hours) and are designed for up to 90 minutes of continuous operation without recharging! The flat iron has a regulator and an indicator of heating temperature. Three modes of 150, 180 and 200 degrees for different types of hair are available. The device shuts off automatically in case of more than 1 minute of non-use.

The nano tourmaline surface of the ceramic plates provides impeccably soft and safe hair straightening, reducing the energy consumption by up to 25%.

This model is suitable for traveling. The perfect size of the plates (23 x 80 mm) and the compact size of the tool (the total length is only 20 cm) make the flat iron ideal for both styling at home and on the road.

CHI Escape Battery Powered Hair Straightener

This powerful, cordless, compact tool will help you create a salon quality hairstyle no matter where you are. Its titanium plates will not harm your hair, preserving its elasticity and softness. This device is small and lightweight, which is great for easy transportation.

The titanium flat iron preserves moisture in the structure of each hair, making your locks look healthy and shiny. Its lithium battery gives from 30 minutes to 1 hour of continuous heating, depending on the settings you choose. You can recharge this styling device even in the car. The iron has a lock mechanism for more safety, and its special case provides protection of the tool during the trip.

So, these are the main characteristics of the CHI Escape flat iron:

  • 2 charging options: in your car and at home;
  • temperature control: 170°C (for elegant curls), 190°C (for effective straightening), 200°C (for perfectly smooth strands);
  • flat iron size: 20,5 cm x 4 cm x 3,5 cm;
  • plate size: 8 cm x 2,5 cm;
  • country of origin: USA.

Babyliss Portable Flat Iron

First of all, the Babyliss-2581bu gas hair straightener is designed to be small enough to fit in a small travel bag. It is a perfect tool for a journey or a picnic. The iron is fueled by a gas cartridge. So, you can take it anywhere you go and be sure your hair will be straight and styled whenever you need.

It features ceramic floating plates that provide even pressure, thus making your hair look perfectly smooth. The portable flat iron can reach temperatures of up to 215°C. By the way, it heats up very quickly thanks to butane, which gives off natural warmth.

Those girls who have chosen this straightener for traveling seem to be happy with their purchase according to their reviews. Its main advantages are:

  • compact design;
  • it is portable;
  • it is naturally warmed by a gas-powered heating system;
  • ceramic coated plates;
  • it heats up quickly;
  • sleek design;
  • automatic temperature control;
  • protective heat shield;
  • leading professional brand.

Keep the plates of the flat iron closed together when heating them up. If you keep them open, only one plate will heat up.

Carmen Wireless Hair Straightener

Its innovative Keratin Protech plates will give your hair healthy appearance and shine and protect it from heat damage. The device features three temperature modes: 140°C, 160°C and 180°C for gentle styling. Its compact size will allow you to carry the tool in a handbag or a clutch.

Thanks to its rechargeable lithium battery, the flat iron may be continuously used for about 25 minutes from one full charge. Its heatproof travel pouch means that you can put the tool into your bag while it is still warm.

Its main advantages are:

  • it is portable, cordless and rechargeable;
  • it is perfect for women on the go – it is ideal for smoothing your hair before an important meeting or when you are going to hit the bar;
  • unique Keratin Protech technology, which minimizes hair damage by 50 percent.

The Carmen by Samantha cordless rechargeable hair straightener is a wonderful choice if you are far away from your dressing table but still want your hair to look well-groomed because you are a real lady!

Ukliss USB Mini Flat Iron

This cordless mini straightener is a budget option for those girls who are going on a trip but do not want to spend a lot of money on a portable styler.

This mini flat iron features two adjustable temperature modes. You can choose the one that suits your hair type and condition. The device is ideal for traveling. Moreover, this handy accessory is great for touch-ups. If you are going to the party or having a date, this amazing tool will help you look gorgeous from beginning till end. Its ceramic coated plates contribute to even heat distribution and salon quality results. Its charging time is 3 hours and its operation time is 30-50 minutes before recharge.

The iron is valued for:

  • its low price;
  • its compact design;
  • it is portable;
  • it has 2 adjustable temperature settings;
  • it has solid ceramic plates.

I hope the information provided above will be useful for you and your vacation or business trip will be a success.

An important advantage of cordless hair straighteners is that they are indispensable helpers on the road. You can make your hairstyle look well-groomed at any time and in any situation. You can also use a cordless hair straightener at home. It is very convenient because the annoying cord will not get in the way while you`re styling your locks.

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  1. I am too going camping where there is no electricity. Will these straighteners remain charged for 3 days if I charge them at home first.? Are they mains or battery powered?

    1. It depends on how much time you need to straighten your hair.
      For example, DEOGRA straightener is designed for up to 90 minutes of continuous operation without recharging. It means you can use the device for 4-5 days if your hairstyling process takes up to 20 minutes. DEOGRA has high-quality Korean SAMSUNG batteries with a short charging time (only 2 hours).
      CHI Escape Battery Powered Hair Straightener has a lithium battery that gives from 30 minutes to 1 hour of continuous heating, depending on the settings you choose.
      Carmen Wireless Hair Straightener has a rechargeable lithium battery, the flat iron may be continuously used for about 25 minutes from one full charge.

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