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What causes my natural silver hair to turn yellow?

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Monica DavisMonica Davis Staff answered 9 months ago

There are a lot of reasons why gray hair can turn yellow. Here are a few of them below.

  1. Genetics. Variations in a different gene can cause yellow hair color. Your family genetics history can make yellowing better.
  2. Different researches on hair discoloration have revealed that hair can “bleach” due to medications, drugs, and diet. Yellowing may stop when treatment is completed.
  3. Excess heat can also change hair color, so it is advisable to use hairstyling products with built-in heat protection to avoid it.
  4. Bad air and pollution can cause a lot of problems for your hair. Yellowing is not an exception. A cleaner environment usually means your hair will look better.
  5. Some kinds of shampoos can cause hair color to yellow and fade. Buy shampoo that has a blue or violet color to neutralize the yellow tones and keep your hair grey.

Hope this helps!

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