Where to get my flat iron repaired?

QuestionsCategory: Flat ironsWhere to get my flat iron repaired?
AvatarCaroline Lennox asked 1 year ago

Where can I go to get my flat iron repaired? I do not have the money to replace it.
I have a Black Knight Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Iron that is a few years old. It has suddenly stopped working. Maybe I dropped it. The problem is the power button isn’t working as in the light doesn’t come on when I click the button and if I keep clicking none of the other temperature lights light up either. My hair is very thick and long with grey mixed with blond. Without the use of a flat iron on my hair, I tend to look like a Muppet. I live in British Columbia Canada.

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Monica DavisMonica Davis Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Caroline,

Thank you for reading my blog! I’m sorry your flat iron has died on you. I imagine how upset you probably are and I will do my best to lend you a helping hand.

Usually, when a hair straightener stops working and doesn’t even show an indicator light, this is because a thermal cutoff switch (also referred to as ‘a fuse’) has blown. Thermal fuses function as safety mechanisms fastened to the electrical circuits of flat irons for the purpose of staving off the threat of overheating or fire. These devices are inexpensive. They can be fairly easily replaced.

Perhaps, you have an electrician among your friends? Ask them to help you order a new fuse for your straightener and eventually replace it. Your electrician will help you identify the broken detail and have it replaced with a new one. Alternatively, you can order the fuse yourself and then take your flat iron to a local repair shop to have the device replaced. In other words, if you find a good electrician, you should be able to have your tool resuscitated without breaking a bank.

In the meantime, you can read about these hair care masks that make thick hair smoother and softer.

Caroline, please let me know how the situation with your flat iron shakes out. Me and the girls will be waiting for your reply. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

AvatarKent Hopper replied 9 months ago

We have 2 hot tools ht7101 flat irons. Both oil reservoirs have broken the same post. Any idea where to get replacements?