What does a hot air brush do?

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AvatarOlivia asked 3 years ago

As far as I know, such brush could be used for straightening curls, but how exactly does it work? More importantly, can I style really short hair with it?

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Monica DavisMonica Davis Staff answered 3 years ago

A hot air brush is an electric device which combs and straightens hair at the same time. It could also be used for curling, but keep in mind that you will get gently waves rather than curls.

So, let me tell you what a hot air brush is in a few words.

It’s a round-shaped tool that blows warm air through the central cylinder, and its bristles are used for combing hair. You could choose from models with smaller or bigger barrels depending on length, thickness, and type of your locks. Different models also work with various speed and intensity so give special attention to these features as well.

Finally, let me answer your main question – what does a hot air brush do?

It works as a hairdryer and a straightening brush all in one. Warm air (from the barrel center and vents) dries hair when bristles are used for combing or straightening. This brush is good at creating volume and making locks shiny and glossy.

I’ve heard that you could easily style medium-length and short hair with this brush, so you definitely should give it a try =)