How could I use hot combs on natural hair?

QuestionsCategory: Hot air brushesHow could I use hot combs on natural hair?
AvatarTanya asked 3 years ago

There are so many types and models, that I’m a little confused. How could I style natural hair with a hot comb?

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Monica DavisMonica Davis Staff answered 3 years ago

You can do pretty much everything you want using a hot comb, from straightening your locks to curl them. There are two basic types of the hot comb: a hair straightening brush and a curling iron brush. Of course, there is a wide range of different modifications such as a double sided brush, or a rotating one, but let’s start with the basics. Remember that any electric appliance should be used only on fully dry hair.
A straightening brush works with high levels of heat that actually straightens hair. It’s claimed to be the faster and healthier than a flat iron, and it’s really easy to use. Before styling, comb your curls with a regular brush and put some heat protection to prevent hair damage. Then divide your hair into several strands and start to glide slowly through the first one. Hold a strand tight and close to the inner area of the brush for the better result. You’re supposed to hold the brush in such a way that bristles don’t touch a scalp as they’re pretty hot. Continue until all of your curls are completely gone!
A curling brush is a very easy way to style hair in a matter of minutes as well. You could make fancy waves or curls with it, or even use it as a straightener. First, you need to comb your hair properly and apply a heat protectant as always. Separate hair into several parts depending on how large you want curls to be. To get the first strand curled, spin the brush as you go down and keep doing the same with all the other sections. The thicker your locks are, the longer you need to keep holding the brush still to make the styling long-lasting. And for the brush could get really hot, I highly recommend you to use protective gloves which you could buy pretty much everywhere (and maybe there is a pair of them in the pack already).
So, hot combing natural hair could give you any hairstyle you want – you just need an appliance you like the best and 15-20 minutes of spare time =)