QuestionsCategory: OtherShould I purchase a dual voltage hair straightener if I’m not going to use it outside the USA?

It seems to me that dual voltage hair straighteners are said to be better than devices that feature only 110v. But if I don’t need this option, could I choose a «simpler» straightener which isn’t dual voltage? I don’t think that it would be less decent or effective. Why is this dual voltage feature so hyped?

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Monica DavisMonica Davis Staff answered 2 years ago

You’re absolutely right – 110v to 240v universal voltage is only one of many other features that your electric straightener might have.

Whether to buy a dual-voltage appliance or not depends entirely on your personal preferences and purpose of using. I mean, if you’re sure that you wouldn’t use a straightener abroad then I don’t think that this feature should matter at all.

I know very decent hair straighteners which feature only 110v and mediocre ones which are dual-voltage. What I’m trying to say is that quality and efficiency of a straightening tool doesn’t depend on whether it features universal voltage or not. You should rather pay attention to other parameters like dimensions, weight, and material of a straightener.

What really matters is what temperature it could maintain or how safe to use it is.

I believe that hair straighteners reviews will tell you way more about the quality of one particular product. However, I suppose that purchasing a high-quality straightener which features 110v to 240v universal voltage isn’t a bad idea anyway. You’re saying that you’re not going to take a tool overseas. But who knows – maybe a hair straightener will come in that handy in your house that you will be willing to take it traveling?

So, I believe now you could see why dual voltage hair straighteners are so hyped. You never know where you happen to use it!

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