Ion technology: how does it work in the ionic hair straightener brush?

QuestionsCategory: Straightening brushesIon technology: how does it work in the ionic hair straightener brush?
AvatarMary Ann asked 3 years ago

There is hype around ionic brushes which are said to be good for hair health. What’s the deal with this ion technology and why is it so useful?

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Monica DavisMonica Davis Staff answered 3 years ago

Ion technology uses our knowledge of physics in the best interests of hair styling. We know that hair strands are positively charged which means that its atoms lost some electrons. Since the ionic hair straightener brush emits negative ions, they interact with positively charged ones and neutralize each other. As a result, you get smooth and healthy hair which is balanced on the chemical level.

Ion technology also restores moisture balance which is especially effective if your locks are dried and brittle. Ionic straighteners used water molecules which are contained in the hair itself, break them into fine particles with high heat level, and as a result, hair gets re-hydrate.

What is also good about ion technology is how it affects hair cuticle. It’s claimed that ionizing function prevents over-drying and improves hair strength. It also helps to make your hairstyle stay still for a longer time.

Even though manufacturers promise that your locks will be softer, smoother and stronger after using an ionic straightener, things are a little more complicated. This tool will probably make your hair stronger and shiny, but it depends on how healthy it was in the first place. If hair is over dried, brittle and fine after bad-quality cosmetics or styling, don’t put all hopes on ion technology. It could make your locks a little stronger and smoother, but you probably need to use some kind of actual treatment to make them healthy.