How to straighten natural black hair without chemicals?

QuestionsHow to straighten natural black hair without chemicals?
AvatarTori Williams Staff asked 2 years ago
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Monica DavisMonica Davis Staff answered 2 years ago

This method will be beneficial for natural and curly black hair. You will need a blow-dryer, a high-quality flat iron, and moisturizer or conditioner to straighten and style your hair.
Follow these easy steps:

  1. Wash, moisturize or condition your hair as you always do it.
  2. Divide your hair into sections and blow-dry it using a comb attachment.
  3. Turn a flat iron on. Try not to use high temperatures to straighten your hair.
  4. Part a small section of hair from the back of your head and straighten it from root to tip. Do not run the flat iron over one section multiple times as heat can damage your hair.
  5. Continue to part small sections of your hair and straighten hair from the back to the front.
  6. Done. Now style your straightened hair as you want.