How to do waves in your hair with a straightener?

QuestionsCategory: Styling tipsHow to do waves in your hair with a straightener?
AvatarSarah asked 2 years ago
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Monica DavisMonica Davis Staff answered 2 years ago

Even though the primary function of hair straighteners is hair straightening, many girls use it as a universal tool for various types of styling. With the help of a hair straightener, you can create locks of different size and density.
Depending on how the device is located, the result of styling may vary. If you twist your hair and hold it up with a “nose”, there will be a round curl at the end of the strand. If the position the tongs down, the curling will start from about the middle of the curl. The tilt angle is also important: when the rectifier is parallel to the head and perpendicular to the floor, the strand is twisted closer to the end. If the device is at a slight angle from the head, the curl will also be located at the end of the strand.
The iron tilted at a slight angle to the head gives more distinct waves. To get waves with the help of your hair straightener, follow the next steps. Take a strand in your hand (width depends on the result you want to get) and place between the plates. Make sure that it is firmly fixed, but not clamped. Rotate the iron 180 degrees and immediately start moving down. Hair ends must also pass between the plates of the rectifier. Leave the strand to cool and proceed to the next. Treat the whole head in the same manner. When the hair is cooled down, disassemble the curls with your fingers, slightly tilting the head. Spray varnish from a distance of at least 30 cm. Voila, your waves are ready.