How to clean hair straightener ceramic plates?

QuestionsCategory: Flat ironsHow to clean hair straightener ceramic plates?
AvatarBrenda asked 2 years ago
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Monica DavisMonica Davis Staff answered 2 years ago

The remains of hair products and oils accumulate on ceramic plates of a hair straighteners over time. The dirty device looks anesthetic and, besides, can damage your hair. In order to return the tool its excellent appearance and bring it to proper working condition, you need to carry out a general cleaning of the device.
First, you need to connect the iron to the network and turn it on. Plug the appliance into a power outlet, turn it on to the minimum temperature and allow to warm up for a couple of minutes. Warmth helps to loosen contaminants adhering to the iron which will considerably facilitate further cleaning of the device. Then, turn off the iron and pull it off the net. After switching off, allow the appliance to cool down on a heat-resistant mat or hand towel. Do not place the iron directly on a table or sink, as a hot appliance may damage these surfaces.
Wipe the iron with a damp cloth or paper towel. To check whether the device has cooled down sufficiently, bring your hand to it at a distance of about 2.5 cm, so that to understand whether you can touch the iron. As soon as the device becomes just slightly warm to the touch, take a cloth or paper towel and lightly moisten with water. Wipe all surfaces ironing, to carry out the procedure of basic cleaning of the device.
If you’ve never cleaned the appliance before, use a professional cleaning agent. In the beauty shops, you can find a variety of cleaning products specifically designed for various devices for hair styling. In order not to scratch the ceramic plates of the hair straightener, do not rub it too aggressively. Do not use abrasive chemicals as well, as they may damage the surface of the ironing plates.