Do heat protectants work?

QuestionsCategory: Styling tipsDo heat protectants work?
AvatarElizabeth asked 3 years ago

Almost all manufacturers recommend applying some kind of thermal protection before styling my hair before heat styling. Why do we need to do this, and do heat protectants actually do something good to my hair?

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Monica DavisMonica Davis Staff answered 3 years ago

The answer is yes – heat protectants do work, that’s why you definitely should put some of it on hair before styling.

I’ll try to explain to you how it works though I’m not an expert so don’t be too critical =)

First of all, why do we need thermal protection?

When you apply a high level of heat on hair (for instance, when you’re using a flat iron or brush straighteners), there is a risk of damaging it. Under the influence of high temperatures the hair cuticle frays, its moisture evaporates, and the natural hair color fades. Locks become dull, brittle and overdried which could easily affect your mood and make you feel bad. To avoid this situation, you are recommended to use a heat protectant before styling let alone follow the instructions of a heat styling tool.

There are a few main components of a heat protectant that prevent hair from damaging. I think that there is no need to name them as only chemists will understand what these nominations actually mean. You need to know that these main components:

  • make heat conduction slower,
  • reduce moisture loss, and
  • distribute heat across the surface of a tool evenly,

so that hair gets warmed up gradually rather than immediately. Thanks to that, hair gets way less damaged though there is no heat protectant which will protect your locks by 100%.

But still, if you use a styling appliance of any kind, you have to put some thermal protection on hair to keep it healthy, shiny and deep in color.