When were hair brushes invented?

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AvatarAlice asked 3 years ago

I’m curious whether ancient people would use something to comb hair? I’m sure they did, but who made the first hair brush and when?

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Monica DavisMonica Davis Staff answered 3 years ago

We can’t say for sure who created the very first hairbrush as it probably happened in the Stone Age.

Scientists suppose that the first brushes were made of fish skeletons, so tribes that lived near lakes and rivers were possibly the first to use them.

Other ancient brushes were made of natural materials as well: animal bones, horns, shells, even corals.

Later on, when bronze and copper were discovered, they become common materials for making combs.

From ancient Roman and Greek myths, we know that goddesses, mermaids, and nymphs would use combs. So we could assume that rich Roman and Greek women used them, too. For centuries, a brush was not only a useful tool to untangle hair and make it look better but also an individual article of luxury because only wealthy people could afford it.

In the Middle Ages, combs were a sign of prosperity as they were made of gold and silver and decorated with gems.

So, after its invention, a hairbrush has made a long journey to become a widely used and affordable tool for styling =)