The double sided brush for hair – how does it work?

QuestionsCategory: Styling tipsThe double sided brush for hair – how does it work?
AvatarTrisha asked 3 years ago

I’ve recently seen one of them on Amazon, and this brush seems to be a lot cheaper than other styling tools. What’s the deal with it? Is it good at styling?

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Monica DavisMonica Davis Staff answered 3 years ago

The double-sided hair brush is usually used for straightening kinky, curly and wavy hair. It’s cheaper than other appliances because it isn’t electric as a general rule (there are, though, some exceptions available on the market). It’s just a two-headed flat brush which you could use while styling hair.

Some people use it along with a flat iron or a blow dryer to make unruly locks straight and shiny. First, you need to comb your curls properly and make sure that they are tangle-free. Then you could apply a hair brush straightener and chase it with a double sided brush for straightening curls faster and more effectively. You could do otherwise and pull the brush through hair strands following by a flat iron.

I recommend you to choose a brush with a ceramic coating as it helps to distribute heat evenly and leaves your hair shiny and glossy. Some people say that you could combine a hairdryer and a double sided brush for making unruly curls straight. In that case, brush through hair when directing warm air from a blow-dryer. Others even use straightening products and a double sided brush without the help of an electric straightener. I guess the last method doesn’t work very well on thick coarse hair, but it’s totally worth a try =)

The double sided brush doesn’t damage hair as it’s not electric. You could just comb your curls with it or use it for straightening. It’s claimed to seal hair cuticles, lock in moisture and make your locks smooth and silky. Just remember to put some thermal protection on your curls if you use an electric straightener along with the brush. As you can see, with this brush a particular styling technique is totally up to you!