How to choose a hair straightener for man?

QuestionsCategory: Flat ironsHow to choose a hair straightener for man?
AvatarMichael asked 3 years ago

I have very curly short hair and I was wondering if I could straighten it with some device? I know that it’s kind of a girly thing, but I’m really sick and tired of seeing the same hairstyle every morning.

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Monica DavisMonica Davis Staff answered 3 years ago

First of all, there are more guys out there using hair straighteners for men than you might think. I guess this is becoming a common thing, and that’s awesome! So, there is no need to worry about all this «girly stuff» – you could easily find a «manly» straightening appliance to use on a regular basis and be proud of it! Let me give you some advice on how to choose a men’s hair straightener.

Obviously, men tend to have shorter hair than women do, so let’s start with that. You should pay special attention to dimensions and a shape of a flat iron before purchasing it. A small rectangular-shaped flat iron with narrow and small heated plates is the best option for straightening short hair. Its slick design makes it possible to reach the very roots and other hard-to-get areas, and narrow heaters will make this even easier. Men with medium-height or long locks could choose from various models with wider plates, but I guess that’s not your case.

Secondly, men don’t usually know a lot about hairstyling (although I could say the same thing about many women). Let me just tell you the basics so that you won’t be disappointed after the very first attempt of straightening. First off, keep in mind that you’re dealing with high levels of heat that your hair doesn’t like so much. So before any styling that involves heating (like blow-drying, straightening, curling, etc.), you should use a heat protection spray or oil. It will reduce the damage, and your locks won’t be dull and burnt afterward. Also, don’t try to straighten damp or wet hair. It should be fully dry before styling. That way your locks will keep the moisture they need to maintain the water balance. One more time: if you don’t want your curls to be brittle and dull and the ends to be split, use a straightener only on fully dry hair.

Comb your curls with a regular brush before straightening so that they would be tangle-free. Then divide them into several sections and do one section at a time. Glide through each strand in slowly pulling motion (maybe you will need more than one pass). Don’t hurry because if you try to straighten hair faster, you probably slide through the same section too many times. That way you will cause only more damage which isn’t cool at all.
Finally, if you’re interested in some particular brands, I, for one, use the Revlon flat iron and for me, this is one of the best hair straighteners for men! FYI, I’ve tried a couple of others but they were too bulky for my short locks.

On the contrary, Revlon is compact and ultra thin so it works awesome on my short locks. As they’re wavy, I need only one pass to straighten a handful of hair, and you will probably need to do the same strand 2 or 3 times if your hair is extremely curly. This Revlon straightener could be used for all hair types, from finer to thicker, as it has a wide range of heat settings. Also, it’s pretty lightweight and convenient to hold so you won’t be tired after styling =)

Not to mention that this appliance provides you with smooth, shiny and last but not the least healthy locks.
I hope now you don’t have second thoughts about getting one of the men’s hair straighteners. I bet you will be impressed by the final outcome =)

AvatarBrad replied 2 years ago

Where can you purchase this ? Do you have any links that show the model so I can be sure to order the right thing?

Monica DavisMonica Davis Staff replied 2 years ago

Hello Brad,

Examine the Post about straightening brushes here:
Here you will find excellent styling tools and appliances that will be suitable for you.