How to choose a dual voltage hot air brush?

QuestionsCategory: Hot air brushesHow to choose a dual voltage hot air brush?
AvatarTony asked 3 years ago

I’m going on vacation next month, and now I want to purchase a dual voltage hot air brush that I could use overseas. What features should I consider before buying it?

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Monica DavisMonica Davis Staff answered 3 years ago

Hot air brushes that feature 110v to 240v universal voltage could work not only in the USA but also in Europe and some other countries. But keep in mind that you will probably need a plug-in adaptor for the power socket in the country you’re going to.

Actually, you could purchase the brush in that very country so that there will be no problems with voltage, adaptors or transformers. These boring technical features might ruin your holiday if some problems with a tool arise.

Secondly, let’s talk about main features of the hot air brush. Which one to choose depends on your hair length, texture, and general state. For instance, the longer your curls are, the bigger the brush barrel should be.

If you have short hair, it could only be styled with a small barrel brush. On the contrary, the big central cylinder of the brush makes styling long locks faster and easier. Intensity and speed of the brush are the other crucial features that should be considered.

Pay attention to the materials of the brush as well. As far as I know, ceramic and tourmaline are said to be the best coatings for the brush barrel. They not only give you smooth and glossy locks but also reduce static electricity, seal hair cuticles and prevent the ends from splitting. One of the main problems with the hot air brush is that hair may get stuck in its bristles. To avoid this unpleasant situation, I would recommend you to choose from models with anti-static tangle-free bristles.

Obviously, there are so many hot air brushes available on the market that choosing the right one may seem almost impossible. Here are 10 most popular hot air brushes of this year, take a look!

AvatarCORA RIO replied 2 years ago

Hi do you know which is the hot roatting brush that comes in build in world wide voltage?
Cannot find it

Monica DavisMonica Davis Staff replied 2 years ago


Good news! There are 3 hot air brushes, that can be safely used all over the globe: Conair Instant Heat Hot Curl Brush, Conair Supreme 2-in-1 Hot Air Styling Brush, Conair Curling Brush (1.5 inches) Dual Voltage. They feature dual voltage (110 V and 240 V), so you can use them outside the US without a power adaptor. But keep in mind that you will probably need a plug-in adaptor for the power socket in the country you’re going to.

Read reviews on these devices here:

AvatarAnie replied 1 year ago

Hello, is there any air brush with ionic technology and dual voltage ? Thanks.

Monica DavisMonica Davis Staff replied 1 year ago

Hi, Anie! Thank you for your question.

Travel Brush Hot Folding Portable Dual Voltage has ionic technology!
It’s a good one if you need it for a vacation.
Hope my answer was helpful.

AvatarStephanie replied 10 months ago

There is a difference between a hot air brush and a hot brush. One of the 3 hot “air” brushes you recommend is just a hot brush. You can’t use it on damp hair and there is no blower. Also, Anie asked about an air brush and the folding one you recommended does not have air. Am I missing something? I’m looking for a hot air brush (in other words one with a blower) that has dual voltage that is more than 300 watts, which is what the Conair 1.5″ Hot Air Curling Brush has. My current hot air brush by Revlon has 500 watts which works better but it is not dual voltage. I would hope by now they would come out with more powerful choices for dual voltage!

AvatarMary replied 8 months ago

I am also looking for a hot air drying brush, that I can take and use in Europe…! Thanks, mary

Monica DavisMonica Davis Staff replied 7 months ago

Pleased to meet you, Mary!

The main characteristic you have to consider is the dual voltage of your hot air brush. The other ones, including size, weight, function set and materials are optional and depend on your preferred kind of styling and your type of hair.

As you can see, this topic was opened 2 years ago. Since then, many American brushes had burned in Europe, which is bad news. Good news is, based on their users’ negative experience, more and more hair tools manufacturers started to make amazing dual-voltage products and not just some supplementary travel accessories.

Among the most convenient dual voltage newcomers, there’s a Phoebe Curling Iron Brush which is lightweight, material-wise and safe to use on all hair types. You’ll find a detailed review of it in this article.

One more great device that’s safe to use across the ocean is Sultra Vixen brush. It works best on thick and long hair, while Phoebe Curling will be more suitable for shorter hairstyles and volume-boosting.

If you want my advice to be more particular, you’re welcome to share some more information on your hair characteristics and the stylings you do.