What is the best straightener for natural hair?

QuestionsCategory: Straightening brushesWhat is the best straightener for natural hair?
AvatarMartha K. asked 3 years ago

My hair is naturally wavy, and I’d like to have an appliance to make it straight once in a while. What is the best straightener that you’ve ever used?

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Monica DavisMonica Davis Staff answered 3 years ago

For me, this is the Luma straightening brush. First of all, this is one of the fastest brushes available on the market. My locks are pretty long and it takes about 10 minutes to straighten them up! I believe this brush is a huge time saver, and girls with medium-height hair will need even less time to style it. Maybe straightening short hair with this brush would be not so impressive because of its oval shape, but it’s only a guess.

Luma is absolutely safe to use as is has an anti-scald design. Its ceramic coated heaters actually make my locks shinier, smoother and healthier. As far as I know, this coating is also said to reduce static electricity and seal the cuticle, but my hair was pretty healthy in the first place so I couldn’t say whether something changed or not. What I could say is that my hair looks shiny, and it feels soft and silky indeed.

The thing I like the best is how easy to use the Luma brush is. When you plug it in, there is a chime, and the display turns red. The brush starts to warm up, and when it’s ready, there is a chime again. So the controlling is clear and intuitive, although you should read the instructions as well. Luma features a sleep mode and a failure mode, and the last one is especially useful in electric tools of this kind. It also has a long rotating cord which makes styling even easier.

Overall, I’m more than satisfied with this product. The instructions say that hair of any texture could be easily straightened with the Luma brush, so maybe you should give it a try!

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