What is the best steam hair straightener?

QuestionsCategory: Straightening brushesWhat is the best steam hair straightener?
AvatarElly asked 3 years ago

I’ve heard that hair straighteners that use steam along with heat are healthier than just flat irons. Is this true? And if so, what steam hair straighteners would you recommend? Just in case, I have quite long and thick kinky locks.

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Monica DavisMonica Davis Staff answered 3 years ago

You’re right, hair straighteners that work with steam are considered to be healthier than regular flat irons which use high levels of heat. That’s because these tools heat the hair cuticle inside rather than outside and help to seal it. Advanced models could also lock in moisture your locks need and reduce frizz. That way you end up with shiny, slick and healthy hair instead of unruly kinky locks that you’re probably fed up with. This styling tool would be great for your hair type, so let me tell you about the best steam hair straightener I’ve ever used.
This is the Xtava infrared straightener which I personally find a perfect appliance for straightening long hair. I would call my locks wavy rather than curly, but I also have long thick hair as you do, so I hope my review would be helpful. So, the Xtava straightener has pretty wide plates that are especially good at straightening long hair (that’s why I chose it in the first place). Not to mention the cool slick design of this device. All the technical features are quite impressive: for instance, this straightener has as many as 10 heat levels for different hair types, so I believe that you would definitely find the right temperature for your locks. It’s ready to use in 90 seconds which maybe not so fast but it’s still okay. On the other hand, Xtava features a long rotating cord, a temperature lock, an auto shut off and a dual-voltage which are nice options, aren’t they? I have to say, it’s an awesome styling tool for taking overseas as it comes with a heat resistant travel kit.
As to its actual work, I’m absolutely happy with this product. It uses an infrared heat technology which is claimed to heat hair cuticles inside and protect them from damages. For making the heated plates, the manufacturer uses the healthiest coatings, namely ceramic and tourmaline. I believe that Xtava is a professional steam hair straightener of high quality as even my hairdresser uses it. The thing I like the most is that there is no smoke during the straightening, and my hair doesn’t seem to be burning at all. In a nutshell, Xtava works awesome on thick curly locks, so I definitely recommend you to give it a try!
The other good steam straightener that I know is Reopro. Personally, I haven’t used it but a friend of mine has. I must say, with this appliance, her hairstyle looks literary like a waterfall of straight glossy hair which is smooth and silky as well. And it doesn’t have this burnt hair smell that annoys me so much. So, Reopro is another professional steam straightener of high quality that I know. Which one to choose is only up to you!