Is it bad to straighten your hair wet?

QuestionsCategory: Styling tipsIs it bad to straighten your hair wet?
AvatarIsabella asked 3 years ago

Many people told me that it’s bad for hair health, but some manufacturers claim that I can use their straighteners on damp hair. Can you actually straighten wet hair or is it that harmful?

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Monica DavisMonica Davis Staff answered 3 years ago

These people are definitely right. Straightening damp and especially wet locks can cause a lot of damage: hair gets burned, ends get split and the whole look gets poor.

Wet curls are very vulnerable to heat, and a smart electric hair straightener works with pretty high temperatures. When hair is still wet, it soaks moisture from the water to restore moisture balance. If you use a hair straightener at that very moment it will suck out all the moisture your curls need and leave them over dried and brittle.

Some manufacturers do claim that it’s ok to straighten wet hair with their product. Personally, I wouldn’t do that even if the instruction says that it’s completely safe. If you straighten hair when it’s still damp it gets damaged anyway. You may actually hear wet hair fizzes because the water in it evaporates as you apply a straightening tool on it. Once I had such experience, and it wasn’t pleasant at all =)

One more time: DO NOT straighten wet or damp hair with an electric hair straightener.

Instead, you should let your curls air dry or use a blow-dryer if you don’t have enough time.

The second option is obviously more harmful since you apply extra heat on hair before straightening. And always use some kind of thermal protection before blow drying, straightening or other heat activated styling: argan oil, a spray, a balm, etc. It will protect hair from burning, over drying and getting split ends.

To sum up, straightening wet or damp hair causes a lot of damage, so I don’t recommend doing that. Make sure that your hair is absolutely dry, apply a heat protectant and use a hair straightener in accordance with the instructions.

AvatarCarlos replied 2 years ago

Thanks, it’s quite informative