Flat Iron VS Brush Straightener

The trendy hair straightening procedure has become immensely popular among women of all ages. But eventually, this modern treatment may cause hair breakage, loss of moisture and split ends. These disadvantages depend on which tool you use.

You have to choose between a flat iron and a brush straightener. This article will help you weigh up the pros and cons and opt for what you need.

First of all, I would like to note that flat irons have become the solution for many women and these devices are really amazing. So, that is why many of us wouldn`t even think about using something different even if this item is more modern and upgraded.

But there are a few good reasons for this. If you have ever thought about changing your hair iron to a hot brush, then you may probably have a few questions about what the second one represents. And somebody has to answer these questions before you take a final decision.

Both tools are used to make your locks smooth and glossy, straighten your curls and give your strands a beautiful appearance. Despite the fact that the flat iron has been the market leader for many years, today most trendy girls give preference to the hot brush because it works faster. And what is more, it is far easier to handle. But it has some more advantages that I`m going to tell you about.

Let`s compare these two straighteners according to the following characteristics.

Flat Iron and Brush Straightener Comparison

1. Hairstyling Time

Flat irons take more time to reach a certain operating temperature. Their plates are narrow. This means that the working surface is less. So, you will have to spend more time on creating your hairstyle.

Straightening brushes heat up quicker. Moreover, it will take you about 5-15 minutes to put your hair in order as the procedure of styling with the hot brush is a bit slower than usual combing. Some girls say 3 minutes are enough.

In addition, there is no need to section your hair into several small strands and use clips while straightening as with ironing. The brush also combs and detangles your locks.

2. Efficiency

The flat iron will easily straighten thick, unruly, coarse locks or tight curls. In this situation, the hair straightening brush may fail. But it is quite good for wavy hair. Besides, this device is useless if you have afro-textured hair.

3. Safety

The flat iron is not safe enough for your skin. Due to its barely heated flat plates, you can easily burn your fingers or face. Your scalp may also be injured by accident.

As for straightening brushes, they recently went on sale. This means that they are redesigned for more convenience, safety, and less damage. The rounded edges of the plate and the silicone tips of the bristles that form a so-called barrier between the heated element of the brush and your skin will protect you from burns while styling. So, this new development is safer. You may even straighten kids natural hair!

Most modern flat irons and straightening brushes are equipped with the function of automatic shut-off if they are not in use within a certain period of time. I`m sure forgetful girls will be just happy. No more worries about whether you have turned your straightener off or not. Try to choose a tool with this safety feature.

4. Hair volume

The hot brush will make your hairstyle look more voluminous and natural. It is a perfect device for everyday use just to make your hair look pleasant.

5. Damaged hair

While ironing, your strands are clamped between two hot plates. Therefore, the flat iron can be harmful to your hair if you decide to style your locks day by day. This will lead to lack of luster and unhealthy appearance of your hair.

Moreover, the flat iron is not appropriate for each hair type because its plates are too hot for week, fragile hair. But the hair-friendly ceramic coated bristles of the hot brush with silicone tips barely touch your strands.

Besides, many straightening brushes provide adjustable heat levels. That is why they are suitable for various hair types – you may use lower temperatures for weak hair and higher temperatures for coarse, unmanageable locks.

6. Functions

Thanks to its silicone bristles, the hot brush will also gently massage your skin, thus influencing your blood flow. This procedure will make you feel better. It is so cool to massage your scalp with the warm brush. Flat irons perform a single function – they just straighten your locks and nothing more.

Moreover, the hot brush leaves no creases as flat irons do. As manufacturers say, it does not pull your hair out. And you will forget about the difficulties related to styling on the back of the head.

7. Preparation before use

If you prefer ironing, first you will have to comb your locks carefully after washing. Then you should section them into several small strands and pull each strand individually. There is no need to section your hair when using the hot brush, but it is advisable if your locks are too thick and woolly. This is in accordance with your wishes.

8. Daily use

Professionals do not recommend using flat irons daily in contrast to straightening brushes. So, if your goal is to style your hair regularly, you better purchase the hot brush. But if you want to use a straightener from time to time, I recommend buying a flat iron such as CHI straightener.

It can be summarized that the flat iron will straighten even the most rebel hair. It will definitely improve the appearance of your locks and make them look well-groomed, shiny and healthy. But don`t forget that you may use this wonderful device only from time to time. If you do it every day, your hair will lose moisture and eventually become dry, lifeless and dull.

Conclusion: Straightening Brushes are Better

Hot brushes are safer. Also, they are healthier since negative ions are good for damaged hair. The styling process is easier if compared with ironing. The hot brush will help your hair keep shape all day long. It will not look flat but more natural. Furthermore, a scalp massage will increase your blood circulation and improve hair growth.

It`s up to you to decide which tool to use to straighten your curls. Maybe the information provided above will help you come to a decision. In any case, the flat iron is great, but if you want to style your hair even quicker and easier and to keep it healthy, the hot brush will suit you the most.

And how do you think, which tool is better in which situation? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below.

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  1. I have the Karmin hair straightener Brush, it is not as good a using a hair straightener but they are great for quick touch ups.

  2. Yes my hair brush thairapy brush isn’t working and I just bough it a month ago what can I do

  3. Hi, Monica! Your article really helped me out I think. I was searching for descriptions of the latest flat iron brush models. The thing is my hair is too thin and I don’t need an ordinary flat iron for it – the risk to overheat my hair is what scares me most. By the way, that Dafni brush straightener on the pics in your article is the model I decided to purchase. I think It’s the best solution for my natural hair.

    After reading this blog I really started trusting your opinions about hairstyle-related stuff, Monica. Your articles are something. Nice Job!

  4. When I decided to change my hairstyle and to make my hair straight, I started trying different tools but I’ve never tried those brushes. In the battle straightening comb vs flat iron, the second one won and I’m using NITION with the ceramic surface. It works well but sometimes the heating temperature can burn my locks. I think I have to try a brush straightener, because after reading this article it seems safer for my hair.

  5. Thanks for explaining the difference between flat iron and straightener, Monica! The article is amazing, everything is clear and now I know which device should I choose. I’ve looked through your previous reviews and already found a model of brush straightener I need. It’s a Sutra Heated Hair Brush. I already had an experience of damaging my locks with an overheated flat iron and it was terrible. Safety is important to me so if we are talking about choosing between brush flat iron I prefer brush straighteners and I totally agree with Monica.

  6. Unlike flat iron brush comb was always better for me so I totally agree with you, Monica. Brush straighteners are a better solution. My hair is so thin and it doesn’t need a big heating temperature to be straightened. The model I use almost every day is Dafni and all the good reviews on it (including the review on mystraightener) are the holy truth. I use it for almost a year and I should add that the quality of the tool is worth buying it.

  7. Head Kandy is my preference.

  8. Bought philips brush hair straightener..my hair is not staying straight

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