Fantastic Handmade from my Friend Zoe

A couple of days ago we had a long conversation with my friend Zoe. She’s a very talented person and an awesome friend. I’ve tried to convince her, that her hobby is much more than just a hobby, and she can make money with all the stuff she creates! She didn’t wanna hear me, so I post all the things below to prove that she worth more!

Hey, friends! Help me 🙂 Just tell her I’m right!

It was inspired by bright colors (as always) and some elements of fall mixed in there. I used minimal feathers this time, which in turn, helped me explore elements of using different fabrics. It was really fun to work on!




Monica Davis

Monica Davis

Monica is a professional men and women's hairstylist and a success coach. At MyStraightener she's writing about new styling tools, hair products, and the latest things in hairdressing.

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