TOP-10 Best Straightening Brushes Review
Best Hair Straightening Brush 2018
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2. Luma Hair Straightening Brush

Luma is one of the fastest straightening brushes — it will get the job done in only 5 minutes! This new brush straightener is also safe to use. Ceramic surface is the best solution for the health of your hair as it doesn’t damage it and reduces static electricity. To get the better result, you need to section your locks out, brush each strand in slowly pulling motion and it will be straight in one pass. Although the ends might be not so straight, this straightening brush does the trick pretty good!

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  • Luma will make your locks straight in 5 minutes;
  • it has an anti-scald design and
  • a failure mode which will turn the heaters off in case of a system error;
  • this straightening brush doesn’t work great on short hair.
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6 thoughts on “Best Hair Straightening Brush 2018”

  1. Hello Looking to get one of the brushes for my daughter for Christmas. She has rather long and very thick hair with some wave to it. I’m sure like me, her hair will only get curlier with age and she’ll end up with a curly head of hair and lots of frizz. That being said what brush do you think will work best for her. I’m debating between the Femjolie, Micropur and one of the Asavea. If you think the Asavea brush will work best which model should I purchase? Thank you.

    1. Hi Rebecca! Thank you for your question.

      I haven’t tested the Micropur straightening brush, so I can`t say anything about it.

      I’ve tested AsaVea hair straightener 2.0. It is one the best brush straightener for sure, but it fits thin and short hair more than thick and long one.

      I recommend to choose the FemJolie Straightening Brush for your daughter. It`s one of the best straightening brushes for strong and thick hair in my experience. It also has its pleasant cons: exquisite feminine design, a long rotating cord, and lightweight. This brush heats up to 230 C in two minutes. It is also created with the application of anti-scald technology that helps to protect from the burns, so your daughter will not feel discomfort during the process. And finally, the brush has auto shut-off function in cause forgetting to turn off appliances at home.

  2. My hairstyling life hack is that when I know that I want to have any curl in my hair that absolutely refuses to hold a curl from a curling iron, I shower at night and put my hair up in a tight bun and put a stocking over it to keep it there, and take it down in the morning and I actually have curls. My other life hack is to just shower and then French braid it and when I wake up I have different size curls.. Just depends on how long I want to put in the night before..

  3. My favorite hack would be to get a big boost of volume when getting ready in the morning after a shower.
    Take Epsom salt and massage it into my scalp while shampooing and wash out after a minute of deep massaging.
    Next, take conditioner and just condition the ends. Finally, towel dries with a microfiber towel and get ready to style.

  4. A toothbrush makes a great tool for some hairstyling hacks! My favorite is to use a toothbrush to tease hair at the roots, it can really add volume for people with thin hair. A toothbrush sprayed with some hairspray is great for those pesky flyaway strands too.

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