Best Quiet Hair Dryers: Reviews, Tips, and Q&A
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Hello everyone! Monica’s here. Have you ever heard of the quiet hair dryers? They look just like the regular blow dryers but produce significantly less noise. Have I just aroused your curiosity? Then let’s go into the topic and discuss quiet hair dryers that come in all shapes and sizes.

Conair 1875 Watt Turbo Hair Dryer, Blue / Black
automatic shut-off if the tool falls or gets wet
My review
Revlon RVDR5045 Quiet pro Ionic Dryer
the package includes a concentrator
My review
Jinri Hair Dryer Professional Salon 1875W AC Motor...
2-speed modes and 3 temperature settings
My review
Centrix Q-Zone Dryer
weighs only 1.5 pounds
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MHU Professional Salon Grade 1875w Low Noise Ionic...
two attachments for various hairstyles
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First, I will explain what makes a hair dryer quiet and what are the differences between quiet and regular hair dryers. We’ll dive into the benefits and downsides of quiet hair dryers. Spoiler alert: there is just one significant disadvantage, and that is their price. Also, I will give you some advice on how to use and choose a quiet hair dryer. Finally, I’m going to answer some popular questions about quiet hair dryers. Looks like a full agenda is ahead of us, huh?

Oh, and most importantly. I’ve assembled a list of the best quiet hair dryers on the market. You already know how I make such lists: I’ve combined my own experience as a hairdresser, my clients’ and friend’s honest opinions, and quiet hair dryer reviews from Amazon and some other resources. As a result, you get the detailed descriptions of all the tools so you can decide which one is the best for you.

Is there anything else you want to know about quiet hair dryers? Feel free to leave your questions and suggestions: you can always ask any question and get my answer.


What Is a Quiet Hair Dryer?

What Is a Quiet Hair Dryer?

You probably wonder what a quiet hair dryer is after all. Isn’t it just a regular blow dryer? Basically, yes. But with one significant difference, as the name implies. Quiet hair dryers are quieter than regular hair dryers, that’s true. On the other hand, they are not entirely noiseless. It’s something in between. For example, you can hold a conversation without raising a voice (or raising it just a little).

It’s still a hair dryer, so it produces some noise. Why is it different from a regular blow dryer?
To answer this question, you need to understand how dryers function. All hair dryers use hot air to accelerate the evaporation of water from your hair. They take in room temperature air, then it passes across a heating element, and voila – hot air is blown out to dry your hair faster. To suck the air in and to blow it out, a hair dryer needs a fan. And the fan has to work at a rather high speed which, in its turn, requires a motor. The fan and the motor itself – that’s what produces the noise.

To make blow dryers quieter, manufacturers add extra blades to the fan and use faster motors. Another option is to insulate the motor better. All this means help reduce the noise level.

Except for being less noisy, quiet hair dryers don’t differ too much from the regular ones. Usually, they feature two speed modes (high and low) and two or three heat settings. Many models have a cool shot button to release cool air for finishing your look. Also, a number of quiet hair dryers come with attachments that give you extra versatility in terms of styling. There are two basic types of them – a concentrator and a diffuser. The former can be used for straightening hair or making blowouts when the latter is suitable only for curly or wavy hair. It keeps hair curly without making it frizzy.

What Are the Benefits?

What Are the Benefits?

Let alone the fact that a quiet hair dryer is much more comfortable to your ears, there are some situations when such a tool is crucial. I believe all the hairdressers will take the hint at once. When there is more than one stylist in the limited space aka a beauty parlor, one working hair dryer is more than enough. And when there are two of them or even more… It sounds almost like a takeoff runway, and it’s impossible to hear anything else.

Everyone who lives with a family, a partner or a roommate will also understand what I’m talking about. Being woken up by the sound of a working hair dryer isn’t that much of a pleasure. And that is definitely not a pleasant start of the day. Even if you live in a big house, there is still a chance that your blow dryer may disturb other family members.

It’s a challenge to calm a crying child or put him to sleep in the first place. And when he wakes up because of the noise of the hair dryer, all of your efforts go up in smoke. Who else but a mom of a newborn baby desperately needs a quiet hair dryer? There is no need to give up on styling as long as you have a super quiet hair dryer. A variety is not that wide, so you will need to do some research before shopping. A bit later, I will tell you how to choose a quiet hair dryer.

Using a regular blow dryer on a daily basis may be uncomfortable and annoying for you and your home-folks. But even more pressing issue is that it can actually cause damage to your ears. You see, anything with more than 80-90 decibels is classified as sounds that can cause permanent hearing loss. That is the conclusion that the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association has come to. And hair dryers fall into the extremely loud category along with motorcycle engines and subways – at 80-90 decibels.

So, we definitely should take regular blow dryers seriously – probably, more seriously than we currently do. When three or four blow dryers are active in a small place at the same time, the noise level can reach a deafening 250 decibels. And that is not an uncommon situation for beauty parlors. So, it’s time to do something about it, don’t you agree? Whether you are a stylist or not, getting a quiet hair dryer is a great solution.

How to Choose a Quiet Hair Dryer?

How to Choose a Quiet Hair Dryer?

If you’d like to protect your hearing and the peace of your home-folks, you probably wonder how to choose a quiet hair dryer. Let’s discuss what features to consider before purchasing one.

  • The noise level. Ideally, it should be something around 60 decibels of sound intensity. Many decent quiet hair dryers run at 70-80 decibels. Yet, some models are producing even less noise. For instance, the Velecta Paramount X:Q onyx quiet blow dryer (63 decibels) or the VAV blow dryer 1875w negative ion professional hair dryer (64 decibels). The only thing is, you may not find the exact decibel rating on every blow dryer. So far, manufacturers aren’t obligated to give consumers a decibel rating of their products. At least, you can use one of the apps that allow you to measure the noise level of anything, including quiet hair dryers. That’s how I found out the decibel ratings of some blow dryers I typically use.
  • Total wattage. It can be a good indicator which gives you an idea of the noise level of the certain blow dryer. Generally, a hair dryer with a lower wattage takes longer to dry hair completely, but in the long-term, it’s safer for your hearing.  Hair dryers that fall within the range of 1400 and 1600 watts are thought to be the quietest. However, some models that use 1875 watts are just as soft as the low-wattage blow dryers. And the Velecta Paramount XQonyx quiet blow dryer tops them all – with 2000 watts motor, it measures only about 64 decibels. Designed specifically for salon use, it will be a real catch for fellow hairdressers.

  • The technology employed. There are ionic, tourmaline and ceramic technologies, and most modern hair dryers use either one of them or a combination of two or even three. For example, JINRI 1875W hair dryer with ceramic tourmaline coating employs negative ion technology. This gives you smooth, shiny, and relatively healthy hair as a result.
    Blow dryers with ionic technology are considered to produce the smallest amount of noise. So, if you want to get an ultra quiet hair dryer, you know what to look for.
  • The speed and temperature settings. Many quiet hair dryers have two speed modes (high and low) and 2 or 3 heat settings. That gives you some versatility in terms of styling, but not so much. You probably know that it’s better to dry thin or damaged hair on lower temperatures. And healthy thick hair can probably stand the higher heat. Anyway, follow the instructions of your particular blow dryer to reduce heat damage as much as possible.
    As for the speed, it indicates how fast your hair gets completely dry. The higher the speed, the faster the drying. The flip side of the quick styling is that a motor working with higher speed makes more noise.
  • A cool shot button. Most quiet hair dryers, just like regular ones, have a cool shot feature. It helps cool your hair and finish the look. In some models, you have to hold the button down continually, otherwise, it stops working. In others, there is no such problem.
  • The controls. Typically, they are placed on the handle, right where you hold a blow dryer. So, you may accidentally switch controls when using the tool. It may take some time to get used to such placement.
  • Configuration. Some quiet hair dryers use dual air flow that increases airflow and, therefore, the result. This feature can somewhat reduce the noise since there is a fixed space between the fan and the body.
  • Attachments. Many quiet hair dryers come with a couple of attachments such as a concentrator and a diffuser. The first one changes the airflow coming out of the hair dryer. As its name suggests, the concentrator focuses the airflow for more targeted drying. It can be useful for making various blowouts when you need to secure certain sections. Straightening your bangs or adding volume to the roots – with a concentrator, this becomes a lot easier.
    In contrast with the concentrator, the diffuser forces the hot air coming out of the dryer to spread out through the tines. Thus, less hair is being directed in one small area. This is a gentler way of drying your hair, but it’s suitable only for girls with curly locks. Due to the diffuser, curl shape is left untouched during the drying process.
  • The power cord. Consider the length of the cord. The longer it is, the more comfortable the styling will be. Many modern hair dryers have a long enough cord but better safe than sorry.

Best Quiet Hair Dryers: Let’s Take a Closer Look

Best Quiet Hair Dryers: Let’s Take a Closer Look

So, let’s finally get down to business and look at the best quiet hair dryers on the market so far. I’ve picked up 8 of them based on my own experience, my clients’ opinions, and quiet hair dryer reviews on Amazon. I may have overlooked some drawbacks or advantages, so I’ve examined the reviews to give you a complete picture.

8. Conair 1875 Watt Turbo Hair Dryer with the Ion Disperser

The most outstanding feature of this Conair quiet hair dryer is the optional ion disperser that coats your locks with a cloud of negative ions. In its turn, this helps to reduce frizziness, static electricity, and dullness. There are also two attachments for various styles: a diffuser and a concentrator. The former suits for curly styles and the latter give you the option of pinpoint styling.

There are two heat and speed settings which isn’t that much of a choice, but still. There is a cool-shot button as well. If we’re talking the noise level, it’s 84 decibels which isn’t that low but okay. To put that into context, the VAV 1875W negative ion professional hair dryer runs at 64 decibels, and the black BIO IONIC Whisper light pro-dryer runs at 70 – 74 decibels of sound intensity.

Still, it’s more than a decent hair dryer which motor isn’t louder than a low office hum. With 1875 watts of power, it’s capable of drying your locks pretty quickly. And the ionizing feature is pure gold. I speak as a person who is sick and tired of her very frizzy hair with plenty of flyaways.


  • features quite a powerful 1875 watts motor;
  • includes two attachments for textured and smooth styles;
  • the ionizing technology that reduces frizziness, static electricity, and flyaways;
  • automatic shut-off if the tool falls or gets wet;
  • hanging hook.
  • the fan blade is made of poor quality plastic, so the blades eventually begin to tear away from the center hub.

7. Revlon RVDR5045 Quiet Pro Ionic Dryer with the Catchy Design

I have to admit, this is not the quietest hair dryer. It measures something about 80 decibels of sound intensity on the low-speed level and 88 decibels on the high one. The motor isn’t that powerful as that of the JINRY and the Conair quiet hair dryers, so it will take a bit longer to blow dry your locks. As for the rest, this Revlon quiet pro hair dryer is a decent tool with lots of advantages.

For instance, it employs the ionic technology that is scientifically proven to reduce static electricity and frizziness. There are 2 speed and 2 heat settings, not to mention the cold shot feature. And the concentrator would be helpful for precise drying and styling.

Finally, I believe that design matters as well, and it matters a lot. This Revlon quiet pro ionic hair dryer comes in bright pink, and though such color may seem girly, it cheers me up every time I use the tool.

  • awesome coloring;
  • the ionic technology helps to eliminate frizz and static;
  • the package includes a concentrator;
  • lightweight.
  • big and difficult to hold;
  • the controls are placed right on the handle, so you may change the settings by accident while using the tool.

6. JINRI 1875W Hair Dryer: Best Quiet Hair Dryer with Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic Technology

Just like the Conair blow dryer, this one has the 1875 watts motor that lets you dry hair quickly and reduce the noise made. To tell you the truth, this isn’t the quietest hair dryer. At least, it seems to be lower-pitched so it feels more comfortable than regular hair dryers. The ergonomic handle and the lightweight body only improve the first impression. There is even a removable air filter that is easy to clean. It prevents hair from drawing into the duct and keeps the dryer working in high efficiency.

This quiet hair dryer features the ionic generator with nano titanium grill. This provides the high concentration of negative ions to condition hair and leaves you with a smooth, shiny result. And due to the tourmaline ceramic coating, the heat is distributed evenly. 2 speed and 3 heat settings give you an opportunity to somewhat customize the tool to your hair type and style. Plus, a concentrator nozzle and a diffuser will come in handy if you feel like trying various hairstyles. And using the cool shot feature is a great way to finish your look.

  • the ionic technology helps to eliminate frizz, block out humidity, and maintain your hair health;
  • 2-speed modes and 3 temperature settings;
  • 2 attachments: a concentrator and a diffuser;
  • ergonomic design;
  • lightweight and compact.
  • the controls are placed inconveniently, so you may accidentally change the settings when styling.

5. Beautural Professional 1875W Hair Dryer: Easy and Comfortable to Use

This quiet hair dryer seems to have every feature you want from a blow dryer. There are 3 heat levels and 2-speed settings, plus a cool air button. The ionic technology minimizes static, locks in moisture, and keeps your hair healthy and shiny. As far as I can tell, there is an option to turn off the ionic feature which may be helpful for the roots if you want to add a bit of texture. The package includes a concentrator and a diffuser for various hairstyles. And the air intake filter is removable so you can clean the tool easily.

This blow dryer has a powerful 1875 watts motor, so the tool isn’t that quiet. On the bright side, it significantly reduces drying time. Overall, this hair dryer is comfortable to hold and is not so heavy. And a portable hanging loop is a nice touch to the design.

  • the ionic feature helps reduce frizz, lock in moisture, and gives extra shine to your hair;
  • adjustable speed and heat;
  • the package includes 2 attachments for various styling;
  • removable air intake filter;
  • hanging loop.
  • the switches are placed inconveniently, so it’s easy to hit one of them while styling.

4. Centrix Q-Zone Dryer Featuring Ceramic Tourmaline Technology

Don’t expect this quiet hair dryer to be totally noiseless – it’s still a blow dryer with a motor and a fan after all. But to its credit, this Centrix dryer is much quieter than many other models such as the Revlon Quiet Pro, the Solaris Whisper Quiet, and some others. To be specific, the Centrix Q-Zone hair dryer measures 74 decibels of sound intensity on the low-speed setting and 82 decibels on the high-speed one. With such sound intensity, you can hold a normal conversation or listen to music.

Along with the two-speed modes, this quiet hair dryer features three heat settings meaning that you can somewhat customize it to your hair type. There is a cool-shot button, too. The ceramic tourmaline technology is supposed to make your hair healthier, and the ionic technology reduces drying time. I have to admit, this Centrix hair dryer is a bit bigger than many others, but it’s a fair trade-off for the quietness.

  • one of the quietest hair dryers on the market;
  • features 2-speed modes and 3 heat settings;
  • includes a concentrator;
  • weighs only 1.5 pounds.
  • a bit bulky to hold;
  • it may be hard to use with one hand because of the scattered button positions.

3. Whisper Quiet Lite Ionic Hair Dryer: Best Quiet Hair Dryer with Variety of Heat Settings(currently not available)

Try this instead:

What I like about this Whisper Quiet Lite hair dryer is that it has as many as 4 heat settings – more than many other models have. Plus, there are 2-speed modes and a cool-shot button to finish your look. The 1875 motor provides fast drying, yet this hair dryer isn’t exactly «whisper» quiet. Still, it’s significantly quieter than regular blow dryers – nothing can alter that. My iPad app measures 72 decibels on the low-speed setting and 78 decibels on the high one.

This Whisper quiet hair dryer features ceramic tourmaline ionic technology for reducing frizz and leaving you with shiny and smooth results. The package includes two concentrators and a diffuser, so the tool is truly customizable in terms of styling. What’s more, it’s ultra-light weighing only 16oz and compact. So, if you need a quiet travel hair dryer that you can take with you, you may want to try this one.

  • the ceramic tourmaline ionic technology that is good for your hair health;
  • 4 heat settings and 2-speed modes;
  • 3 attachments for various hairstyles;
  • removable lint filter;
  • lightweight and compact.
  • for some people, the attachments can be hard to put on and take off.

2. MHU Professional Hair Dryer Employing the Far-Infrared Heat and Ionic Technology

As many other blow dryers on my list, this one has an 1875 watts motor that lets you dry hair faster. This quiet hair dryer is actually quieter than regular blow dryers, so it lives up to its name. Employing far-infrared heat and ionic technology, this quiet hair dryer helps eliminate frizz, smooth hair, and reduce the risk of damage.

Just like many other quiet hair dryers, this one has 3 heat settings and 2-speed modes. Also, there is a cool shot button to lock in your style. The package includes a concentrator and a diffuser that will come in handy if you don’t want to stick to the same hairstyle every day. In a nutshell, it’s a decent quiet hair dryer that gets the job done.

  • has 3 heat and 2-speed settings;
  • employs far-infrared heat and negative ion technologies that are good for your hair health;
  • two attachments for various hairstyles;
  • removable lint filter;
  • hanging hook.
  • quite heavy;
  • the buttons are located exactly where your fingers hold the tool, so it’s easy to change the settings when styling accidentally.

1. Revlon Lightweight Quiet Hair Dryer Featuring Triple Ceramic Coating

The manufacturer claims that this blow dryer is about 50% quieter than most of competing hair dryers. It’s hard to tell for sure, but this Revlon blow dryer indeed is one of the quietest hair dryers I know of. It runs only at 70 – 74 decibels which means it’s pretty quiet even on the high-speed setting. The unique fan design is claimed to make its contribution to noise control.

This quiet hair dryer features as many as three layers of ceramic coating that provides even heat distribution and drying hair from the inside out, hence less damage. Boosted with ionic technology, this helps enhance shine, eliminate frizz, and make your hair smooth. 2 heat and 2-speed settings give you some versatility in terms of styling, and there is the air dry setting which is supposed to dry hair without heat.

The tool itself is lightweight but rather large, so it’s inconvenient to take it with you. It comes with a smoothing concentrator for precise hair drying and styling. The only thing is, this attachment keeps falling off which may be really annoying. Overall, this quiet hair dryer does the trick, and the price is reasonable.

  • quieter than many other hair dryers;
  • the negative ion technology;
  • includes a concentrator;
  • lightweight;
  • hanging hook.
  • too large, not good for traveling;
  • if you want to use the air dry setting, you have to push and continually hold down the button.

Quiet Hair Dryers: Q&A

Quiet Hair Dryers: Q&A

And now, I’d like to answer the most asked questions and give you a couple of tips on quiet hair dryers. Here it goes!

What is the tourmaline technology?

As you may notice, multiple styling tools use the tourmaline technology including curling irons, flat irons, straightening hair brushes and so on. Quiet hair dryers are no exception, and some models employ this technology, too.

First, what is tourmaline? It’s a semi-precious stone that is used in combination with ceramic. The ceramic tourmaline coating is considered to be an excellent choice for your hair health.
The point is, tourmaline emits negatively charged ions when it’s heated up. This reduces static electricity and hair frizziness caused by positive ions. Converting positive ions into negative ones is what makes your hair shiny, smooth, and silky. What’s more, the negative ions emitted by tourmaline lock in moisture and make drying process faster.

The only downside of the hair dryers with tourmaline technology is their price. On the other hand, the high quality and durability always are worthy of investment. Just be sure to purchase such a tool from a reputable seller.

What is the negative ion technology and what are its benefits?

As its name suggests, the ionic technology is based on the interaction of ions with positive and negative charges. Typically, hair strands are positively charged which may cause frizziness and flyaways. Blow dryers with the ionic technology emit negative ions to neutralize positive ones. As a result, this leaves you with smooth and frizz-free hair balanced on the chemical level.

What’s more, the ionic technology restores moisture balance, prevents over-drying, and improves hair strength. Ultimately, this makes your blowout stay in longer.

Both these technologies, tourmaline and ionic, can improve your hair condition. But don’t put too many expectations on the styling tool alone. If your hair is already damaged, over-dried or brittle, these smart technologies wouldn’t be able to improve its condition significantly. To restore hair health, you might need some actual medical treatment.

How to reduce the hearing damage caused by loud blow dryers?

I believe the answer is obvious if you recall the title of this post — to buy a quiet hair dryer. Yet, there are some other ways to reduce the noise level a bit. For example, using earplugs. I believe this does help make styling quieter but just for you. Earplugs don’t protect hearing and peace of your roommate, partner, and other family members. That’s a solid con.

Another way to cut down the noise is to attach a diffuser to the end of your current hair dryer. It will reduce noise but just a little. Moreover, diffusers are made for only curly hair, so if your locks are straight, that isn’t a good choice for you.

One more original idea is to blow dry hair in a big room. The bigger the room is, the farther sound waves will travel without bouncing back. This may help make the sound a bit quieter near your head, but the home folks’ peace of mind is in doubt again.

Finally, try to measure the sound intensity of your hair dryer. If the manufacturer hasn’t indicated it on the package or in the guide, you can turn to special apps. Remember: hair dryers that measure something around 60 decibels are the safest. The tools that fall within the range of 70 and 80 decibels are also okay.

Are quiet hair dryers expensive?

Of course, they aren’t cheap. But any styling tool of high quality, by definition, can’t be cheap. On the bright side, there are quite a few affordable quiet hair dryers on the market. For instance, the black Conair 1875 Watt turbo hair dryer currently sells for $14.99 and the Revlon lightweight quiet hair dryer sells for $27.96 on Amazon.

How to use attachments? What are they for?

As I mentioned before, there are two basic types of them – a concentrator and a diffuser.
The concentrator nozzle is used for pin-point styling when you need to secure certain strands and sections of hair. It may be straightening, curling, adding volume to the roots, and making pretty much any blowout you want.

Before using a concentrator, it’s better to dry your hair partially, something like 75-80 percent dry. Drying all of your hair with just a concentrator nozzle may take longer and create unintentional hot spots. Remember that the direct flow of hot air can cause severe damage to your hair, especially in case of prolonged exposure. Keep the distance between the strand and the concentrator nozzle (at least 2-3 centimeters). And never direct the hot air flow on your skin, including the scalp. Otherwise, you may end up with dry skin, or even burns. And no one wants that, right?

The diffuser serves the opposite goal, spreading out the hot air coming out of the blow dryer. This attachment is explicitly designed for curly hair to dry it without ruining the shape. Using the diffuser helps eliminate frizz and make the whole drying process gentler.

It’s best to use the diffuser to create defined curls. Lay your curls on the diffuser and keep drying them. Set your hair dryer on the lowest heat and the slowest speed mode if it’s possible. Also, you can lean over your hair and dry it upwards for the length of your locks. Just be sure that you don’t burn your skin.
Don’t want to use a diffuser? Then maybe the hair dryer brush will be a better option for you.

Do you have any other tips on how to choose and use quiet hair dryers?

First, don’t let the hair dryer weight confuse you. Of course, having a lightweight quiet hair dryer is easy and handily. But the heavier the blow dryer is, the more decent materials it’s made of. Thus, the more durable it is. There may be exceptions to this rule, but not so many.

Obviously enough, the permanent exposure to the heat isn’t good for your hair. Try to reduce hair dryer usage – at least, try not to use it on a daily basis. No matter how great and high-quality your blow dryer is, it still cause some damage to your locks, scalp, and skin. Air dry is a far better option, especially in warm seasons.

When drying hair, follow the instructions to your blow dryer. And always put a heat protectant before drying, straightening, curling or any other heat-activated styling.

Hair products can be a great help. They can moisturize, condition, and nourish your hair – and that is precisely what you need if you blow dry your locks, no matter regularly or once in a blue moon. I believe you will be able to pick something from the variety of crèmes, mousses, and lotions made for different hair types and styles.

Finally, observe the safety procedures when using a blow dryer. Never use a hair dryer or any other electrical appliance near any water. Always unplug your styling devices when they’re not in use. Check their cords regularly, and if there are any exposed electrical wires, don’t use that tool. Have it repaired before you use the tool again.

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

So, the quiet hair dryer is actually a thing, huh? It may not be absolutely silent, but it will definitely change your styling experience for the better. And maybe even your life! Peaceful and relaxed home-folks will only thank you for purchasing a quiet hair dryer, so will your hearing.

As you can see, quiet hair dryers have plenty of benefits. The only possible drawback may be their price, but you can still come across affordable models. And now you know what features to consider before shopping, so I hope you will find the best quiet hair dryer made just for you!

Ladies, have you ever used a quiet hair dryer? If so, which one works the best for you? Would you consider buying such a tool? I will be glad to see your comments below!

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12 thoughts on “Best Quiet Hair Dryers: Reviews, Tips, and Q&A”

  1. Nice article! My friend needs an ultra quiet professional hair dryer for her new hair salon. The absence of noise is one of the main criteria for us (the customers should be able to chat with each other). We’ve stopped on Beautural and MHU dryers. What’s your opinion, which one is better for professional usage?

    1. To be honest, I’m used to my MHU one, but a lot of my colleagues are totally fine with their Beautural hair dryers.

  2. Thanks for sharing those tips! I started using Centrix Q Zone quiet dryer almost a year ago and I have no complaints. You write that it’s inconvenient for use with just one hand because of buttons position but I don’t agree with you. The device is very light and easy to use, even with one hand. And the main thing is that it’s really quiet! I don’t have to listen to this terrible annoying noise in the morning when I dry my hair.

  3. Amazing article, Monica! I used to have JINRI hair dryer and I really liked it. Now we have a baby so I’d like to purchase the tool which will not make any noise during my morning hair routine. From all the brands you’ve suggested, which hair dryers are the quietest?

    1. As a mother myself, I have to admit that kids are really sensitive to any kind of noises. Especially new ones to them. So you actually can choose any one from my review.

  4. Thanks, Monica! The Conair Ultra Quiet 1875 you’ve suggested here is a real treasure to my frizzy hair. The drying process is so delicate and pleasant while using that tool – no statics at all. I think that’s because of the ionizing technology you’ve mentioned in this article. I’ve also noticed that the frizziness reduces after drying and it’s really easier to get your hair done. I like to apply some moisturizer on my hair after drying it and I get silky and shiny hairstyle as a result. Totally pleased with my new purchase, you are the best, Monica!

  5. You saved me again, Monica! My new JINRI hair dryer is really quiet and now when I get up early in the morning I know I won’t wake my roommate with noise while drying my hair. The idea of a removable air filter is what I like about this model too – it’s very convenient. I haven’t used the attachments which are in a box but I definitely gonna try it. I think it will allow me to make a lot of interesting experiments with my hairstyle, can’t wait till that moment.

  6. While choosing a quiet hair dryer I wished to find one with the ionic technology. I already used a hair dryer with such technology before, but it was too noisy. According to your recommendations, I’ve purchased Revlon ionic ceramic hair dryer and it’s exactly what I need. Due to those ions, there is no static at all while brushing your hair! I should also mention that I just LOVE pink color so the design of my new hair tools seems awesome to me. The heating regulation is very convenient, all the functions are simple and easy to use. Thank you for the recommendation, Monica.

  7. Hi Monica,
    Was googling for information about hearing loss caused by hair dryers and somehow came across your blog. You wouldn’t happen to be Monica from Miami, granddaughter of Rose Morris would you?? My name is Vicki Morency (Pasquarella). I’m wondering if you were my friend/neighbor growing up right behind Dairy Queen on Bird Road???

    1. Hi, Victoria 🙂

      No, I’m from Dallas, Texas. But it’s nice to meet you. Ask me anything you need to know about hair dryers or any other hair styling tools 😉

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