Best Makeup Mirrors That Light Up Your Beauty 2021 (updated)

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Have you ever experienced problems putting makeup because of poor lighting? A professional makeup mirror with lights is the best solution. Even the brightest room lightning can’t guarantee your safety from beauty blunders and hairstyling mistakes.

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Natural light, no matter how great, bright, tender it is, can’t be compared to LED lights that concentrate on your face. There is no shadow to hide problematic places you have missed applying makeup. As a beauty expert, I strongly advise you to buy or make a mirror with lights around it yourself. Read our tips on the best makeup mirrors and find the one that suits you.

LED Lighted Makeup Mirrors And How to Choose Them

LED Lighted Makeup Mirrors And How to Choose Them

Are you still wondering whether you need a makeup mirror or not? Best makeup mirrors dazzling in the frame of lights look royally, but they also have many useful functions:

Perfect Lighting. Makeup LED light mirrors to have a wide set of color temperatures. The most popular option is cool color temperature and a high amount of lumens. This way, the lights will be bright enough to remove any shadow from your face. The lighted LED makeup mirror is perfect for applying makeup, grooming, shaving, and other cosmetic procedures. The light shows real colors, which is valuable for professional photographers and makeup artists, who need a perfect light.

Anti-Fog. LED lighting for makeup mirrors is not the only thing that fascinates us about them. LED mirrors also have a built-in anti-fog feature. It means that you can place it in your bathroom without worrying that the mirror will fog up. Once the in-built sensors detect fog the mirror heats up and evaporates the moisture. It’s always comfortable to use hair dryer brushes with a mirror-like that.

Energy-saving. You can light up mirror makeup with the LED lights. The great thing about LED is that it uses very little energy. For example, Vanity mirror with lighting can go with the original bulb set for 10 years. It saves you money.

Size and shape. You can choose the best mirror for makeup with light that will fit perfectly inside your bathroom or bedroom, corridor, or living room. It’s a space-saving solution, as you don’t need to install extra lights above or on the sides of it.

Design. We are talking about a magnified mirror with light, the decoration to every room with its dashing and smooth aesthetics. Ring lights fit with luxurious design, while big Hollywood-esque mirrors with bulb lights look amazing with modern designs. Meet the best Vanity mirror with LED lights.

1. Conair Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror

A real innovation on the market, this compact and functional mirror with shining chromium coating will become the decoration of your room. Its bright lights can illuminate any place and you don’t have to come to the window to see. Like the best makeup mirrors, it combines the classic oval shape with multiple tech features:

  • The 1x and 7x magnification works even in a room with poor lighting.
  • The 20W bulb glows brighter than many LED panels.
  • Double sides are on the peak of their popularity.
  • Easy viewing with quick adjusting to different angles as it rotates for 360 degrees.
  • one year limited warranty on of the best vanity mirror with LED lights.
  • Cord switch.

You can look at your magnified reflection if you need to see small details or you can use a mirror without magnification if you need to catch a complete look. Halogen lights in this makeup mirror will light up any dark premises. This is one of the best lighting options for quick makeup before the party.

American company Conair was founded in 1959, almost 60 years ago and it have been a number one on the market since then. They specialize in products for beauty and health.

  • decoration to any room;
  • small compact size;
  • 20 W bulbs that do not need to be replaced;
  • great magnification and 360 degrees rotation.
  • warranty limited to 1 year;
  • the bulb is powered by a cord, so you can’t move it once it is turned on.

2. MayBeau Makeup Mirror: More Than A Magnifying Mirror With Lights

This is several magnifying LED lighted makeup mirrors combined in one. It looks futuristic with its tri-fold design, and all of its mirrors have different magnification. This bathroom mirror with lighting can be a rare find. What do you get from one of the best makeup mirrors:

  • The tri-fold design makes it easy to make the mirror smaller by opening only one side.
  • Rotatable by 180 degrees.
  • This piece of art among makeup mirrors with lights has 5x and 7x magnification, which provides you with extra view on your eyebrows, eyelashes, lips, etc.
  • The 21 LED can be switched off and on with a touch sensor at the bottom of the middle mirror.
  • Supports double power, including AAA batteries and a USB charger.

Unlike other makeup mirrors with lights, this one is really undemanding in use. MayBeau professional makeup mirror with lights is available in total white, white/black/rose gold, and black/rose gold. The main material is plastic. It weighs only 2.3 lbs and is considered to be one of the lightest LED lighted makeup mirrors.

  • creative trifold style;
  • 5x and 7x magnification;
  • does not take too much space;
  • easy to control with a touch.
  • has only 180-degree rotation.

3. RICHEN DeWEISN Tri-Fold Vanity Mirror: The Legend Among Professional Makeup Mirrors With Lights

This mirror may look like it was just taken from a dollhouse, with its rose and gold colors. But once you unfold it, there is a whole new world of intelligent lighting inside. Probably the best Vanity mirror with LED lights has numerous benefits including:

  • The 1x, 2x, 3x magnification, built inside the folds for convenient use.
  • Dual power from four batteries and USB cable.
  • The 180-degrees rotation can be fixed in the position you need, and 3 panels guarantee you the perfect angle of viewing.
  • Base Recess is included, so you can place any cosmetics or jewelry there.

This best makeup mirror with LED lights was made from ABS material resistible to scratches glass. Its weight is 1.98 pounds. It comes with a user manual and USB cable. However, there are no batteries included.

  • compact size;
  • trifold design in pleasant rose gold colors;
  • USB charging;
  • the control of brightness.
  • batteries are not included.

4. Easehold LED Lighted Vanity Mirror Opens New Horizons

One of the best magnifying makeup mirrors with lights is a dream come true for all professionals. Forget about 7x magnification and behold the 10x! With a sensor touch navigation and tri-fold design, it brings LED light mirrors to the next era:

  • This is a small transformer, with 180-degree, and 90-degree swivel rotation and the ability to place mirrors on top of each other.
  • The 38 LED lights that can be controlled in one touch, making bright or dim light.
  • The 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x magnification.
  • It can be charged with 4 batteries or through the USB port behind the mirror.
  • The base has a recess where you can keep your earrings.

It looks like this best makeup mirror with LED lights simply does not have any faults. It works smoothly and receives a lot of 5-star reviews from makeup artists. It will look great in a high-tech design apartment. Its weight is 2.31 pounds, and it’s made from ABS material and plastic.

Easehold is a relatively new company from Hong Kong, created in 2013. Their main focus is on the household smart products, like LED lighted makeup mirrors.

  • the thin mirror does not take too much space;
  • hi-tech design;
  • 10x magnification is available;
  • USB-chargeable.
  • can’t be hanged on the wall.

5. Anjou Compact and Control-Lighted Magnification Mirror

The Anjou Makeup Mirror looks so simple, you would never guess how many useful options it provides. There is a small mirror with 5x magnification attached to the back of the bigger one for checking out the smallest details.

Let’s talk more about the benefits of the mirror:

  • The 1x, 5x magnification in two separate mirrors for your convenience and better concentration.
  • Brightness adjustment in a few simple moves, with a power of the best makeup vanity mirror with 24 LED lights.
  • The 1000 mAh rechargeable battery without a cord, so you can recharge it through the USB port or use the power of the battery.
  • The magnetic portable small mirror helps you to highlight parts of the face you need to work on.
  • The 120-degree rotation.

Forget about big mirrors with lights. Once you have used a small mirror you can hide it behind the bigger screen, just press it to its back. This model is made of plastic, metal, and foam. It is light and weighs only 1.7 pounds, you can transport it and place anywhere easily, so it can be your dream-come-true bathroom mirror with light.

Anjou Naturals offers a wide variety of beauty products. Their brand concentrates on eco-friendly options. Their philosophy is to help people open up their beauty without harming the planet.

  • compact size;
  • two mirrors that can be separated;
  • two ways of charging;
  • brightness under control;
  • eco-friendly.
  • only 120-degree rotation.

6. Open Up Your Inner Celebrity Under Professional Makeup Mirror Lights: Magicfly LED Mirror

Magicfly mirrors are in almost every dressing room of a famous actress or actor. Do you know why? Because you can see the clear reflection of every inch of the skin in this magnifying mirror with lights.

Obvious benefits:

  • Not three, but four panels. The right-hand fold is divided into 2 mirrors with a different magnification, easily transformed and rotated;
  • The 21 pcs LED bulbs with adjustable brightness option by the sensor switch;
  • The 1x, 2x, 3x, 10x magnification for a perfect view of the skin;
  • The 180-degree rotation can help to reach every part of your face;
  • There are a USB cable and 4 batteries to charge the mirror.

The mirror was made from eco-friendly ABS plastic, with the UV coating. It is resistant to scratches and fingerprints. The mirror is available in trendy gold, rose, and white colors. Its weight is 2.3 pounds in total, and it can be quickly folded and transported. Magicfly manufacture makeup mirror LED lights, hair straighteners, and other beauty and art products, including washable cosmetics for kids.

  • amazing style;
  • 4 different panels to use;
  • 21 led lights adjustable for use;
  • 1x, 2x, 3x,10x magnification.
  • batteries are not included.

7. Chende Vanity Mirror: One of The Best Rated Lighted Makeup Mirrors

This mirror is so good-looking, it will quickly become the most beautiful part of your room. Any photographer would love to own such a mirror for their studio. Let’s focus on its features:

  • The mirror can be hooked on the wall with a metal hook or placed on the table.
  • Eco-friendly aluminum frame and wooden base.
  • 12 LED bulbs are dimmable.
  • The dimmer switch is at the front.
  • USB ports.

The light bulbs go for free in the package with the best LED lighted makeup mirror. They don’t heat up, so you can touch them. The weight is 20.2 pounds, so it is better not to transport it often.

  • great look;
  • free 12 replaceable light bulbs;
  • eco-friendly material;
  • adjustable lights.
  • does not rotate.

8. Beautyworks: One of The Best Makeup Mirrors Magnifying Your Face

A top-rated product on Amazon, this desktop mirror transformer with four panels provides you the best view. Lights on these makeup mirrors are placed around the main screen and remove all the possible shades. Why is this mirror so special?

  • It has 36 LED lights.
  • Rotating 180-degree mirror offers you to check your look from different angles.
  • Four panels with 1x, 2x, 3x magnification for uncovering small details.
  • The design is portable, tri-folded, so you can take it everywhere.
  • It can be charged from batteries or via USB port.

This best LED lighted makeup mirror is light, weighs only 1.2 pounds, and does not require too much care. It is made of ABS and plastic. It is also packed with a small storage place that can contain your jewelry or cosmetics.

Besides, the mirror is waterproofed, so don’t hesitate to wash your hair and use hair dryers close to the mirror. BeautyWorks company is so sure in the quality of their product that they offer a lifelong guarantee.

  • decoration for any interior;
  • 36 Led lights;
  • has four panels with magnifications;
  • easy to transport while you travel.
  • does not contain batteries in the package.

9. FLYMEI: The Best Makeup Mirror With LED Lights

This is a compact desktop mirror that won the hearts of women around the world. The black frame around the screen looks stylish, while the halo of white LED lights makes it one the most desirable mirrors these days.
Let’s discuss its benefits:

  • 180 Degrees rotation allows you to see your face under the best angle.
  • Smart touch screen switches it off and on, dims lights, or makes them brighter.
  • 10x magnification mirror that can be adjusted to the main screen or quickly removed from it.
  • The mirror is USB and battery chargeable.

This mirror was made of ABS. It weighs 1.6 pounds and is easy to transport. There are four batteries included inside the package. FlyMei supplies makeup vanity mirrors with lights to the USA and Europe mainly.

  • compact size;
  • black elegant frame;
  • batteries in the pack;
  • 10x magnification.
  • you can’t hang it on a wall.

10. Meet Waneway Hollywood Style Bulb Lighted Makeup Mirrors

Surround yourself with a warm natural bright light with Waneway Vanity Mirror. With this mirror, you can arrange your dressing room or photo studio even in a basement. Your face and hair will be lit up enough for the professional makeup or hairstyling. You will be able to fix your hairdo quickly with a straightening brush. Benefits of this diva mirror:

  • The mirror is protected from scratches.
  • It is surrounded by 12 LED bulbs with 4000K light.
  • The smart touch screen allows you to adjust brightness and turn on and off the light to make the perfect LED mirror makeup.
  • In-build memory brings the same brightness of light you considered to be perfect last time.
  • There is a 12V adaptor that comes in a package.

This is a solid mirror, framed in metal tabletop and probably one of the best makeup vanity mirrors with lights in styling history. Some customers compare it to LED round Infinity mirror with lights, but to me, Waneway seems more solid.

It will be a decoration for every room, regardless of the chosen style, and you can always place your makeup organizer nearby. The lamps are energy-saving and work for over 50 000 hours.

  • solid Hollywood-style mirror;
  • warm light;
  • no need to replace bulbs;
  • smart touch-screen.
  • too heavy to transport.

11. Beautural Perfectly Lit Magnifying Makeup Mirror For The True Artists

This mirror looks simple but don’t you underestimate its power. It could amaze you with its advanced features:

  • The 10X magnification. Not so bad for such a compact mirror, right?
  • The 360-degree rotation.
  • The suction cup allows you to place this mirror anywhere you need, even on the larger mirror.
  • Battery operated LED mirror lights.

The main benefit of this mirror is that it is small and stuffed with all the best features you expect from LED lighted mirrors. Its weight is just 1 pound. The mirror reflects your hair completely and is perfect for styling it with hot air brushes and curlers.

  • compact size;
  • can be placed on every surface;
  • 10x magnification;
  • 360-degree rotation.
  • looks small.

12. Fancii LED Makeup Mirror For Devoted Travelers

If you want to look beautiful no matter where you are, this is a perfect device for you. The mirror easily fits in hand and is packed with powerful lights and magnification panels. Stay fresh whether you are traveling to Paris fashion week or hiking in the mountains. Just pack it in your bag and face new adventures.

Main features:

  • Led lights close to the natural warm sunlight.
  • The 1x, 10x magnification for applying your makeup.
  • A slim, dark-colored lightweight stylish mirror.
  • Led lights work over 20 000 hours.

This is a weightless, small mirror with smart LED lighting inside and smooth black cover. Another reason to love LED lighted makeup mirrors.

  • palm-sized;
  • designed in smooth black color;
  • 10x magnification;
  • 20 000 hours of battery work.
  • perfect for travels but you still need to buy a bigger mirror for your home.

13. BESTOPE Marks The New Era of Smart Mirrors

Bestope Makeup Vanity Mirror With 21 LED Lights is all about quality. You can adjust the brightness depending on how much of it you need. Other features:

  • Lights controlled by sensor touch button, which allows dimming the light with a long press on it.
  • Makeup vanity mirror with 21 LED lights has 1x, 2x, 3x magnification levels.
  • 180-degree rotation, similar to the BESTOPE makeup vanity mirror with 24 LED lights.

  • trifold design;
  • 21 Led Lights;
  • 180-degree rotation;
  • double power.
  • larger and brighter than any other mirror on the list.

14. KEDSUM Pocket-Sized Magnifying Mirror With Light

KEDSUM made a tiny LED-lighted transformer perfect for travels. Instead of one lighted mirror, it has two, so you can choose the one that suits you. The mirror the size of a toy is packed with functions of a big LED light mirror:

  • The 1x and 10x variants to magnify mirror makeup.
  • Both mirrors can be rotated.
  • The 3 AAA batteries are required.

This mirror is light, can be raised under any angle convenient for you and your neck. While it does not have batteries in the pack, LED bulbs work forever. It is ideal to see every detail of your face and make a perfect hairdo while you are traveling. Just put it to other hair products you take on the road.

  • small and compact;
  • smooth and elegant white design;
  • 1x, 10x magnification;
  • both mirrors have lights.
  • easy to break.

15. Chende Hollywood Set: The Most Fabulous Among Lighted Makeup Mirrors

The mirror is made in an old Hollywood style with bulbs shining warmly. It is big enough to reflect your whole outfit. Frame made of steel brings fresh notes into the room interior. Main features:

  • The 14 LED dimmable bulbs as a free gift with the mirror.
  • Adjustable brightness of the light.
  • USB charging option.
  • Front smart on and off switch.

This tabletop makeup mirror with LED lights from Chende fills your life with warm light. LED bulbs save electricity and are easily replaceable. The frame is made of stainless steel and wood. It weighs 49.8 pounds and is hardly removable once it is placed on the table.

  • elegant, made in Hollywood style;
  • free 14 LED bulb lights;
  • adjustable warm light;
  • USB chargeable.
  • can’t be hanged on a wall.

How to Make LED Lighted Makeup Mirror Yourself

How to Make LED Lighted Makeup Mirror Yourself

Here is a simple DIY lighted mirror vanity instruction for you. It looks easy to make, but you need to be careful in your calculations with the number of lights you want, the size of the lighting strip and the place for it:

  1. The first step is to gather all the supplies. Think twice! If you don’t like making things from scratch, maybe it’s better to simply buy a BESTOPE makeup vanity mirror with 24 LED lights. If you really want to make a mirror yourself, you can choose between a Hollywood-style mirror with replaceable LED bulbs or a halo-like lighting strip around the mirror. The last option is easier.
  2. Find a perfect mirror. Decide what size of bedroom mirror with LED lights you need. You can just measure the space of your table or the wall. Write down height and width. The mirror must have a border so you could attach bars with lights.
  3. Pick equipment for bars with lights: extension cords, strips for hanging pictures, shears. Light bulbs and light bars can be found in a lighting store or hardware store. If you don’t have such stores at your place, buy the best lights for makeup mirror online, just make sure that the shop is certified and trustable.
  4. Remove the light bulb caps on the sides of sockets and just set them aside.
  5. Place the bars on each side of the mirror. There will be holes for screws on light bars. Use drill and screwdriver to make the attachment secure. My personal advice is to place all four bars around the mirror. When I was making the mirror with light bulbs, I ordered only two bulbs and placed them on the right and left sides of it but there still was a shadow. So I ordered the third bar and placed it on the top of the mirror, and it worked!
  6. Cut extension cord to expose copper wiring. Do it with scissors. Make sure not to harm yourself. Cut ¼ inch of the cord at first, and expose 1 inch of copper wiring at the end. Repeat it on both wires.
  7. Connect the cord to vanity light. There must be no copper wiring seen covered in plastic. Feel the copper ends of the cord you just split. Take one that is smooth on touch and twist with the black vanity cord. Twist the rough one with white vanity cord. After that place the wire nuts that usually come with light bars in a pack on the exposed cords. Do it carefully, all the exposed wires on the makeup mirror with LED lights must be covered.
  8. Now, make sure that black and white wires are separated from each other. They must be placed securely and be unreachable for children. Attach the cover of the light bar.
  9. Find metallic caps that you removed previously and put them back. Screw the light bulbs into sockets. Now plug extension cords into power outlets. Hang the mirror on the hooks.
  10. The lighting strip gives you the opportunity to avoid the whole screwing and drilling process. All you need to do is to buy a mirror and attach the strip around it. Release the end of the cord under the table and plug it into the power supply.


We used to think that LED lighted makeup mirrors are for professionals only. Now they are available for everyone. No matter whether you choose big Hollywood-styled light bulbs mirror, magnifying trifold mirror with rotation, or a pocket-size mirror, the perfect lighting follows you even in the darkest hours. The lighted magnified mirror is not just a fabulous addition to your interior or fairy-tale looking background for your photos, it is the tool for perfect daily makeup and hair care.


Which mirror to choose? It is up to you. I’ve told you about the popular choices of modern belles, beauty vloggers, designers, and makeup artists. I also gave you detailed information on the perks of each of these mirrors. Hopefully, this guide can help you pick the best LED lighted makeup mirror. If you want to have a unique mirror, and you feel creative, you can always make a LED mirror by yourself. Follow the instructions above. And don’t forget to share your experience with us here. So what is your favorite makeup mirror choice?

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  1. Wow, that’s a nice article! I always read hairstyling products reviews on mystraightener but I didn’t expect to find best rated lighted makeup mirrors review, nicely done 🙂
    I have one of the models you mentioned here. When I was choosing it I tried to find a makeup mirror that lights up enough to handle with a daily beauty routine. The thing is that my eyes are suffering if the light is too cold. I decided to buy Waneway Vanity Mirror and I have no regrets. The touchscreen and the built-in memory makes using it a real pleasure. The light is warm and the design of the mirror is perfect for my bedroom.

    • That’s what I like about mystraightener, Katie 🙂 I’m following Monica’s blog right from the beginning and I should say that all the authors she invites here are awesome. And Maggie is not an exception, as we can see from this gorgeous led make up mirrors review 😉 Very interesting article. When I was choosing my mirror the design was one of the main priorities for me. My bedroom is the most comfortable place in my apartment so I didn’t want to spoil it with an ugly mirror. This bedroom mirror with led lights I’ve chosen is MayBeau Makeup Mirror. Its tri-fold design suits perfect in this room. The thing is very convenient and the light is beautiful. I really love to turn it on at night when it is dark. An awesome sight, it’s like a mirror from a fairy tale.

    • Katie, thank you for your feedback. My most popular post is about best hair straightening brush, and I was hesitating to make articles on something different from hair care products. But now with your comment, I see that I can keep writing about cosmetic mirrors and best rated lighted makeup mirrors with my team of writers.
      Thank you!

  2. Thanks for the nice review! I already faced with two mirror light led models from this article. My friend has Waneway Vanity Mirror and I like it. The light is so calm and soft, but you see everything you need to see. As for me, I’m a proud owner of RICHEN DeWEISN Tri-Fold Vanity mirror and I should say this is the best beauty tool among all other stuff I have. You can control the brightness exactly as you like, it’s rotating into any position you wish so the mirror is very convenient. I received it as a gift from my husband and I just fell in love with it. I mean, you just feel like a movie star when you look in the mirror. Awesome, best makeup mirror with led lights ever.

    • Hi, Daisy! The mirror with led light your friend owns is awesome. I also used to have one of these mirrors. But the best lighted mirror makeup surface I’ve ever faced with is Beautyworks. I’m very glad to see that my tool is included in the top list on mystraightener. The main advantage of the mirror I use is magnification panels. Just think about it, four panels! And the light of 36 led lights is so bright and clean that you can see the reflection in its best. I’m more satisfied with this mirror, the best beauty purchase in my life.

    • Thank you, Daisy! RICHEN DeWEISN Tri-Fold Vanity mirror is a good choice.

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  4. All those things you’ve described here, Daisy are absolutely amazing! I’ve always dreamed about a big gorgeous mirror with shiny lights but the model I use is not very big. Nevertheless, the mirror I have is on your top list too. My Beautural mirror is awesome and has a lot of cons. It is compact, so you can place it anywhere you like. It is smaller than other devices described here but that mirror led light is so pure. And the 10x magnification makes makeup process easier. The battery operated led mirror lights are bright and powerful, you can rotate the mirror into any position. I like my Beautural, but after reading this article I started thinking about purchasing something bigger. I think I gonna choose between BESTOPE and DeWEISN.

  5. The mirror with light I own is FLYMEI, it is also described here. It can rotate into any position so it’s very convenient to work on your look in front of that mirror. The light is very clean and bright, you can see every detail due to it. There is also a magnification function which makes the makeup process much easier and convenient. A smart touch screen of my mirror is very simple, it allows controlling the process easily. Awesome mirror, strongly recommend to everyone.

  6. Thanks for such an awesome review, Monica! A good mirror is a thing which every woman dreams about. In my personal opinion, the best mirror for makeup with light is Waneway Vanity Mirror. It’s the most successful beauty-related purchase of a year to me. Its solid frame with energy saving lights is something amazing. I’m using it for almost a year and there was no need to change lights yet. The light itself is very warm, but you can see just everything. I tried other models and I can say for sure that won’t change my mirror for something else. I also like the design – suits perfect for my bedroom.

    • Nice choice, Lucy! We have a couple of such mirrors in the dressing room of our theatre and I should say that this vanity mirrors lighting is amazing. A real masterpiece in the world of smart mirrors. Another thing I like about it is that there is a built-in memory so you don’t need to set your favorite regime before every usage, it’s enough to do it once. The mirror is protected from scratches, and it was checked on practice by me and my colleagues 🙂 Awesome thing, it deserves to be called one of the best light up mirrors for makeup.

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  8. I can’t remember the name of the model of my first makeup mirror with lights. It was rather old, not with LED lights, just ordinary lightbulbs, five on each side of a frame. But it was very convenient and I missed that thing since it was broken. My son decided to buy a new mirror for me as a gift. He bought one of those described in your review – Chende Vanity Mirror. I’m totally happy, that is the greatest birthday gift ever. After reading your review I like it even more because I’ve found out that my mirror is eco-friendly, and that’s important to me.

  9. I’ve chosen the Conair Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror and I’m totally happy about it. It is very compact, which is important to me because I can use it in different rooms in my flat, sometimes even in the kitchen when I’m lack of time 🙂 You can see just everything in the reflection because bulb lights for mirror of that type are very powerful. And there is no need to change the bulbs, I’m using it for almost a year and each light is still working. The surface is not very big, but still, this is one of the best makeup mirrors because you can carry it with you just everywhere. The magnification is so great that you won’t miss any details despite the size of the mirror. Very easy to adjust. Like it very much.

  10. I bought a mirror for makeup with light before last Halloween. I wanted to prepare a silicone mask for the party and needed a lot of light to see every detail while it was on. It worked out perfect for me. I keep using this mirror in everyday life as well as for costume and scenic preparations.

  11. Many thanks to you and all the team of “My Straightener” for your posts and reviews. You know, it`s funny that I never thought about having such kind of mirror at home. I like wide mirrors at salons and was thinking to get one of them for a long time. I couldn`t decide for more than a year if I really need such a big one at home. And now, after reading this, I definitely want one like Magicfly led mirror for makeup. Thanks again.

  12. Hello, Meggie. I like little pocket-sized makeup mirrors that can help to light up your face anywhere, they are very comfortable for checking and fixing your makeup in a long travel or in a car while getting to work. I’m taking my little one with me everywhere. But it isn’t comfortable for fixing hairstyle though.

  13. I’ve already tried to create my own lighted up makeup mirror but ended up getting Waneway lighted vanity mirror instead. No, I didn`t drop out the mirror I crafted, my dad and I just was fixing it, again and again, every single time its lighting bars braked in one or another way. Also, I need to admit that you have to be very patient and skillful to make it. One day it went out once more and after that father simply suggested to let it be and simply get another on Amazon. So I have chosen Waneway cause I like its Hollywood-ish look.

  14. Hi, Maggie! Seems like you explored a lot of different light up mirrors for makeup to pick up the best ones and to create this post, and thank you for making it so interesting. I have Chende Hollywood Set at my bedroom and am using it instead of a night lamp sometimes. Also, it creates a cozy atmosphere with the liting and widening effect of the mirror because of frames’ absence.

  15. Hello, Maggie. I like your review about lighted mirrors, it’s pretty versatile and tells about different types of them.
    I own The Anjou Makeup Mirror myself and it’s very comfortable and useful. It’s compact and has got a nice, attractive and thoughtful design. I took it on my vacations few times and you needn’t to be worried about it – wasn’t scratched even ones.
    In my opinion, such kind of mirror is the best to take on a long trip if you stay at a hotel. Pocket makeup mirrors are too small for me.

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  17. Hi there, Maggie! I’m glad you made this review, so thank you very much! The lack of light is a real problem, that’s true, and for now, I tried to solve it in different ways but I got tired of this terribly. I’ve tried to light up all the room and just the table alone, tried to do it by the bright sunlight, and even changed two mirrors, but that all is just ridiculous. So after reading this post, I came up with a resolution and just ordered Magicfly mirror for my daily makeup routine, because it caught my yey.

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